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Xingda Fruit Agriculture Specialized Cooperative in Chentun Town, Gaizhou City

With the diversified development of Xingda Group, relying on the advantages of vegetable and fruit bases in Xiongyue area and from the perspective of sustainable development strategy, the Group registered and established Xingda Fruit Agricultural Specialized Cooperative in Chentun Town, Gaizhou City on June 27, 2016, with registered capital of 80 million yuan and project area of 6066 square meters. The building area is 4853 square meters. The business scope of cooperatives mainly includes purchasing and supplying the means of production needed by members to grow agricultural and sideline products, purchasing, storing, transporting and selling agricultural and sideline products planted by members, and carrying out technical consultation, technical training and technical exchanges required by members.

The cooperative has 22 air conditioning depots, and has realized a one-stop industrial model from packaging, warehousing to sales. On the basis of the national policy of benefiting farmers, it has realized a new profit growth point, with an additional output value of 30 million yuan, a profit of 3 million yuan and more than 150 employees.

The establishment of Xingda Fruit Agriculture Specialized Cooperative is the first step for Xingda Group to move towards "ecological agriculture" industry, and also an important part of the Group's future green strategy, which opens a new chapter for the Group's development.

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