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Whether it is based on reality and striving for survival and development in the fierce market competition, or in the long run, realizing the strategic goal of the third stage development of the group company, building a top-ranking energy enterprise of "four strong and four excellent", and strengthening the construction of the first resource of talent team, are all important tasks that must be given priority by enterprise managers at all levels. Business.

In recent years, the group company has vigorously implemented the talent forest plan, aiming at creating four talent forests suitable for the development of the group company: management, professional technology, production skills and Party work, further enhancing the core competitiveness of the group company, and providing a strong talent guarantee for the scientific development level. The author talks about some thoughts and suggestions on the basis of many years'practice in training and building the talent team.

Countermeasure to Strengthen the Construction of Talented Personnel

Countermeasure 1: Further establish the idea of priority development of talent work. The position and function of talent as the first resource determine that talent development must be given priority in enterprise development strategy. The priority development of talents must be embodied in the strategic thinking, strategic objectives, important policies, major initiatives, major projects and specific work deployment of enterprises, and efforts should be made to achieve priority development of talent resources, priority adjustment of talent structure, priority accumulation of talent capital and priority guarantee of talent input. The decision-making level of enterprises should rationally plan the responsibilities, powers and tasks of relevant departments in personnel work, actively study, coordinate and guide the related work of personnel training, introduction, mobility, evaluation and incentive, pay attention to mobilizing and giving full play to the enthusiasm of relevant departments, communicate different opinions, and deal with various contradictions in a timely manner. To organize and coordinate the efforts of all parties to jointly manage and form a joint force. We should continue to increase investment in talent work, make new progress in the construction of system and mechanism, make new breakthroughs in the performance of talent, and make new achievements in the scientific development of service enterprises. We should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the strategy of strengthening enterprises by talents. To formulate the opinions and measures for leading Party and government leaders to grasp the target responsibility system of the first productive force, directly incorporate the work of talents into the annual work target of "top leaders" and conduct strict assessment every year as one of the important bases for evaluating cadres'achievements and deciding cadres' ascent and descent, so as to ensure the implementation of policies and measures for the construction of talent contingent, and to be practical. To establish a normal working mechanism that attaches importance to, trains and uses talents scientifically.

Countermeasure 2: Focus on optimizing the structure of talent team. We should actively guide the orderly flow of all kinds of talents in the system through internal talent market, resource integration and other channels. We should constantly improve the mechanism of high-level talent gathering, focusing on training a group of creative, compound and export-oriented high-quality talents urgently needed for development, and intensify the training of talents who are familiar with and master the industrial management, professional technology and production skills of large generating units, nuclear power, new energy power generation and coal development, coal chemical industry, finance, etc. To cultivate compound talents with keen market insight, analytical ability and market development ability, and to increase the density of specialized talent resources. We should continue to promote the construction of "112 Talents Project" and train and train a large number of talents with clear hierarchical structure, reasonable age structure and matching professional structure to meet the needs of enterprise development. We should constantly improve the open talent system, adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to both training and introduction, adhere to the open talent concept, and construct and improve a multi-level and multi-form system for the training and introduction of specialized talents. In accordance with the principle of high starting point, wide specialty and flexible method, we should improve the management method of talent introduction and introduce special talents suitable for the development of enterprises scientifically and reasonably.

Countermeasure 3: Innovating the way of talent cultivation. In our work, first, we should combine teaching with demand. Every training should carry out needs investigation, teach on demand, set up training projects scientifically, constantly improve the curriculum and training content, and achieve the consistency of supply and demand. The second is to combine teaching with interaction. Strengthen the interaction between teaching and learning, combine the theoretical advantages of the teaching staff with the practical advantages of the student team, and focus on solving the problems that employees should know, improving their work efficiency and quality, so as to achieve mutual benefit between teaching and learning. Thirdly, we should combine traditional teaching with modern teaching to make education and training reflect the characteristics of the times and keep up with the pace of the times. We should adjust our thinking and Countermeasures in time, reform the contents, forms and means of training, make comprehensive use of teaching methods such as lecture, research, case, simulation and experience, apply modern teaching methods and information technology, improve education and training methods, vigorously promote network training, distance education and increase science and technology. Content, give full play to the role of online universities in education and training, and provide talent security and talent reserve for the operation and development of enterprises. On the basis of the existing talent evaluation and selection mechanism and criteria, and in line with the principle of "highlighting achievements, optimizing structure, focusing on inclination and taking into account the front line", we should constantly improve and enrich the evaluation criteria for talents, and constantly expand the types of competitions, enrich competition content and standardize project design by organizing skills competitions and examinations. With the participation of all the participants in all kinds of skills competitions, we can speed up the selection and training of talents through various forms of competitions.

Countermeasure 4: Encouraging talents at different levels. We should adhere to the Party's principle of managing talents, follow the law of market economy, and give full play to the main role of market players in personnel training, attraction, use, allocation and incentive. We should establish and improve the system of labor, capital, technology and management to participate in the distribution of production factors according to their contributions, and form flexible and diversified forms of distribution. On this basis, we should establish a standardized and effective talent incentive system, further improve the matching of endowment, medical care and insurance for talents, and the talent insurance linking up inside and outside enterprises. Barrier system, constantly strengthen the treatment of retention, career retention and emotional retention, innovation and entrepreneurship for all types of talent and play to create a more favorable environment. At present, we should focus on the implementation of comprehensive responsibility management and performance appraisal of all staff. In view of the current situation of the grass-roots enterprises with many levels of appraisal, wide distribution of talent posts and more professional categories, we should further improve the appraisal methods and basis of talent performance appraisal, carefully summarize the pilot experience, expand the scope of performance management, and make full use of it. To play the role of performance management in identifying problems, improving performance, rewarding diligence, punishing laziness and encouraging talents, so as to enable all kinds of talents to work in a career with performance, career development and contribution in return, and to form a good talent environment that attracts talents by career, evaluates talents by performance, motivates talents by salary incentives, and refines talents by responsibility.

In short, the construction of talent team has risen to the strategic level of enterprise development. To strengthen the construction of talent team, we must further actively explore and study the law of talent team construction, combine with the actual situation of the enterprise itself, plan ahead, consider as a whole, clarify ideas, and push forward firmly. Only in this way can we build a talent team with excellent professional quality, full of creativity and innovative thinking, and be an enterprise branch. Learning development provides a strong talent guarantee.

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