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Anda Xingda Chemical Co., Ltd.

In August 2014, beside the Songhua River, a seed planted by Xingda Group in China's oil product hub revealed its first tender bud, and then thrived, becoming the most dazzling redwood tree in the Hadaqi Industrial Corridor. This big tree is Anda Xingda Chemical Co., Ltd. (registration No. 232302100035107), a large-scale petrochemical leading enterprise with production, processing, storage, transportation and reconciliation as its main business project, and also the most influential private petrochemical enterprise in the fertile soil of Heilongjiang Province.

Since its inception, Anda Xingda Chemical Company has demonstrated its outstanding temperament and strength. It has planned an epoch-making chemical oil product project with production, processing, storage and transportation capacity of 360,000 square meters. Location of the project is unique, adjacent to Daqing Oilfield Chemical Group, PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical Company, PetroChina Daqing Refining and Chemical Company, Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Daqing Huake Co., Ltd., PetroChina Kunlun Gas Company and other large state-owned petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, and located in Hadaqi industry. Langgao High-tech Chemical Industry Park is located in Suihua (Anda) high-tech chemical project concentration area, which is the hub area with the largest import of crude oil in China. It is the first station for Sino-Russian oil and gas pipeline transportation to Daqing. Anda Xingda Chemical Co., Ltd. is the leader standing at the first stop, setting a benchmark for the industry.

According to the requirements of upgrading the quality of petrochemical industry and encouraging the development of high-end products put forward by the national "12th Five-Year Plan" petrochemical industry development plan, Anda Hindu has hired top experts of petrochemical industry to demonstrate and optimize the investment direction, process route and product scheme of the project, in combination with the development trend of domestic and foreign petrochemical products market. The unique industrial routes with heavy oil deep processing as the main body and olefin and aromatics industrial chain as the wings were determined. The registered capital of the company is 5 billion yuan, Mr. Zhang Haitao, the legal representative. The total investment of the project is about 4.6 billion yuan, covering an area of nearly 500,000 square meters. The first and second phases of the project have been put into operation smoothly. The main business of the project is ship fuel oil 180,120,4, ship fuel and storage residue, slurry, heavy aromatic hydrocarbons, C9, toluene, xylene, mixed benzene, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), raffinate oil, naphtha, mixed carbon tetra, C5, propylene and propylene. Light aromatics and other superior products. In 2019, the Group plans to continue to invest 3.8 billion yuan in the construction of Anda Phase III project, including 480,000 tons of oil storage and fine chemical equipment. Through the international and domestic two major production bases and five major trading companies, the output value will be 35 billion yuan, bringing long-term and stable benefits to the group.

According to the characteristics of heavy oil processing, Anda Petrochemical combines the most advanced, mature and reasonable technology at home and abroad, which not only conforms to the national conditions, but also reflects the characteristics of private petrochemical enterprises. Ensuring that the project has reasonable technology, advanced technology, friendly environment, high economic efficiency, strong competitiveness and meets the needs of domestic and regional markets can promote the long-term sustainable development of enterprises.

The main production processes of the project are: raw material pretreatment + residual solvent deasphalting + flexible coking of residue + residue hydrocracking + catalytic cracking of wax oil (DCC process for maximizing propylene production) + hydrocracking of wax oil + continuous reforming (production of triphenyl). The products meet the Five National Standards.

The process technology of the project highlights the characteristics of deep processing of heavy oil. While pursuing economic benefits, it pays close attention to social responsibilities such as safety, environmental protection, regional stability and development.。

In the aspect of deep processing of residue, the combination process of flexible coking of residue and hydrocracking of residue is adopted, which is unique and pioneered in China. The introduction of ExxonMobil patented technology into the flexible coking plant fills the gap in domestic technology. Compared with delayed coking process, it not only improves the yield of light oil, but also converts most of petroleum coke into clean fuel, replaces expensive natural gas, and truly "eats and squeezes" the inferior heavy oil resources, greatly improving them. The utilization rate of resources and the level of environmental protection were utilized. Residue hydrocracking unit adopts UNIFLEX patent technology of U.S. UOP Company, which greatly improves light oil yield and comprehensive commodity rate, and plays an important role in making full use of resources and environmental protection.

Anda Xingda is focusing on the medium and long-term strategic development idea of "promoting innovative culture, creating well-known brands, continuously improving management, striving for first-class benefits and realizing leapfrog development", making every effort to make sure, innovate, strengthen and expand the integrated petrochemical industry, so as to continuously revitalize the economy of Northeast China and "create a century of prosperity". Make new and greater contributions.

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